Our Range of Bottleoven Planters

Icons Collage 2

With followers now using our ONLINE SHOP and with additional versions of planter in development for 2020, we thought that we would recap and highlight the range of bottle-oven wall planters already being made with community groups and are also available to purchase at local artisan markets. During our last blog post, we focused on our Josiah WEDGWOOD versions in  various colours related to his timeline to celebrate his 260th anniversary.

Wedgwood Brochure Collage

These are part of our range of CLASSIC designs, being used outside, next to a front / back doors or inside a small porch / patio area. Used with house numbers, signage or lighting. Each planter is uniquely numbered and treated with a long lasting oil or stain.

Original Brochure Collage

We also have our INSECT HOTEL version, ideally to be positioned next to rose bushes or other medium sized plants / bushes for easy access by ladybirds and solitary bees etc. These can also be used to fix house numbers, signage or lighting to the font of the planter. Garden canes are used in the back of the planter with a small access point to keep insects sheltered from direct wind and rain.

Bug Hotel Brochure Collage

We have our BIRD FEEDER version to be positioned outside in a more secluded and quieter spot in the garden on a wall or high fence on show from a viewable area. A section is specifically made and fitted to the bottom of the planter allowing access by garden birds. See our SHORT VIDEO on our website showing feeding in process.

Feeder Brochure Collage

We have our BIRD-BOX version ideally to be positioned on a North / North East / North West facing fence or wall, to attract blue tits, sparrows and other common birds to your garden. As with all products, they are made as a planter first. This version would be best suited to plant bulbs in the top section as they are positioned at height and need less maintenance.

BirdBox Brochure Collage

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