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We are proud to introduce one of our NEW products for 2020, The CALCINING KILN. Continuing with our recycling commitment, below is our latest creation, making use of plastic waste as well as reclaimed pallet wood.

The BIRDBATH and wall planter is ideal for garden birds to drink water and can also be used for bathing and to clean feathers. With three access and exit points, birds will love this unique piece of garden furniture.

The top and bottom sections have been specifically handmade to fit everyday laundry containers and fast-food trays. Our first version not only celebrates Stoke-on-Trent’s industrial heritage but it’s also the 100th kiln made in our community venture. 

Producing a product that benefits the environment, has the capacity to grow plants and helps these wonderful creatures to stay healthy and clean is such a contrast to what these kilns emitted into the atmosphere before the clean air act was introduced in 1956.

Connection To Our Local Heritage Most of the calcining kilns were built rectangular and didn’t need to be bottle shaped, even though there were some used for this purpose. These (now listed) buildings were used to turn flint and cattle bones into a soft fine white powder and produced locally. It was also transported in from the Staffordshire Moorlands when the demand for this product increased. Further research showed that Cornish Stone, with its weathered properties, as well as flint from the south-east coasts of England would also produce a porcelain body. The powder was added to the clay to produce bone China. The product gave the earthenware its translucent quality. The calcining kilns that remain today can still be seen close to our canal network, as it offered an affordable means of transport for this heavy raw material.

Do you know an organisation who would love to give this LIMITED EDITION planter and bird bath a new home? It would be Ideal for a community space or business that has a communal outdoor area for viewing wildlife. For more details, contact Chris Parr at thestoke2000@gmail.com.

BELOW: Two Calcining Kilns at the Oliver’s Mill Site on Newport Lane in Middleport, Alongside the Trent & Mersey Canal Near the Junction with the Burslem Branch Canal and Burslem Port. Picture by Chris Parr, Shine in Media ©2019.

Calcining Kiln