Can We Still Make Bottle Kiln Garden Wall Planters on a Wet Wednesday Night in Stoke?

You Bet Your Arts We Can!


Work alongside Chris Parr, BBC Environmental Award winner, Rishi Sunak’s Points of Light recipient 2115, & National award winning social entrepreneur.

Workshop booking with BBC Environmental Award Winner Chris Parr

Take part in one of our workshops. Create your very own product from recycled pallet wood. Experience making bird feeders, insect hotels, bird boxes and more while tackling climate change and celebrating Stoke-on-Trent’s pottery and industrial heritage through recycling. Click on the images below…


The STOKE 2000 deliver recycling workshops with young people to recycle pallet wood. We use these to create our award winning, bottle-oven shaped garden wall planters & other products for your community space. We provide a highly engaging art and educational experience, learning woodworking skills while leaving a cultural legacy with the next generation. Participants also learn about the city’s industrial heritage, enriching the curriculum whilst engaging in our practical woodworking activities.


We also work with volunteers in community groups and charities. For example, those who tackle loneliness and social isolation, to make wooden products that have a recycling focus. Our workshops provide an opportunity to socialise and share stories about the pottery industry, and learn new or build on existing skills. All this while getting active and increasing people’s general health and wellbeing.

Contact us to discuss pricing options and book your group’s cultural and heritage experience…

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