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Man in Notion: Day 1 (London to Reading)

Between March and May 2023 Chris Parr cycled 2000 miles in 50 days across Great Britain raising money for MIND Charity. The distance from Stoke to Moscow & beyond… Using entirely the National Cycling Network, he overcame weeks of isolation and loneliness across England, Wales and Scotland starting in London and finishing in Cornwall via Dundee… The […]

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Iconic Artwork Adds Value to Local Townscapes

A community project is leaving its mark on the skyline in towns across the Midlands. The Stoke 2000 – an art, culture, education and recycling project – aims to create by hand, over two thousand bottle-oven wall planters; the number of kilns that once stood proudly across the city of Stoke-on-Trent and the iconic image […]

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Our Range of Bottleoven Planters

We thought that we would recap and highlight the range of bottle-oven wall planters already being made with community groups and are also available to purchase at local artisan markets. During our last blog post, we focused on our Josiah WEDGWOOD versions in  various colours related to his timeline to celebrate his 260th anniversary. These are part of our range […]

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Wedgwood Gets The Stoke 2000 Treatment

On the 1st of May 1759, Josiah Wedgwood began his pottery manufacturing journey at the Ivy House having rented the premises from his distant relatives John and Thomas Wedgwood of the Big House in Burslem. The Ivy House stood on the East side of town, which is now a communal space next to the Town Hall. He stayed there […]

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Stokies Warm to Recycled Bottleovens Across City Markets

Over the warm spring months and continuing into the cold winter evenings of 2019, The STOKE 2000 have been holding their popular market stall across the City of Stoke-on-Trent; helping people from The Potteries to celebrate the area’s industrial heritage. As well as running their art, culture, education and recycling workshops in schools, with community groups locally and […]

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